Michael Axberg

Zest for life is to always have upcoming projects in the corner of the eye..

E-mail: michael@ax-products.com

Phone: +46704 770 800

Address: Nyforsgatan 38a
SE-632 25 Eskilstuna

Curriculum vitae

Work experience

Silvercan AB

Project manager, web design, programming, administrative assignments.

Jureka foundation

Founder, administrative assignments.

Pixel Cross Media

Project manager, web design, programming.

Sonus records

Project manager, web design, etc.

Tat’n Roll magazine

Web design, editor etc.
Verbal and written communication 80%
Project management 95%
Marketing 70%
Programming 80%
Web design 90%

Languages . .

Swedish, english.

Latest education . .

SWIT – Technician for digital media production.

Interests . .

| IT Security | Web Design | Fishing | Travel |