CV in English

On this page, I have tried to create a web-based, easy-to-understand CV in English, because I was curious about what one might look like.

Curriculum vitae

Michael Axberg

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” ― Mark Twain

Phone: +46704 770 800
Address: Nyforsgatan 38a
SE-632 25 Eskilstuna

Curriculum vitae

Who am I? ..

During my childhood, I moved with my family around Sweden. Only from first grade to ninth I changed town five times, and school six times, -while my father climbed the career ladder and the family had to move with him. (First from my birthplace Västerås on to Sundsvall, Uppsala, Södertälje and then Linköping.) I have therefore never been the light of the school, but also not one who was too messy. So all the knowledge I now possess has been created by interest and not by any education, except a few.

The positive is that this has made me able to quickly adapt to different situations and that I have easy to read and get in touch with new people. So all the break-ups from my own schooling and friends have since proven to be a great help to me in making new contacts, at the same time I am not afraid to think outside the box and not afraid to try new things.

Work experience..


Project manager, web design, programming, administrative assignments.

Villa Maria

Web design, webmaster etc.

Jureka foundation

Administrative assignments.

Pixel Cross Media

Project manager, web design, programming.

Sonus records

Project manager, web design etc.

Tat’n Roll magazine

Web design, editor etc.

Ericsson Information Systems

Assembly, finishing and installation.

Proficiency level..

Verbal and written communication 80%
Project management 95%
Marketing 70%
Programming 80%
Web design 90%

Languages . .

Swedish, english.

Latest education . .

SWIT – Technician for digital media production.

Interests . .

| IT Security | Web Design | Travel |

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